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22.NOV.2016 update
Exciting news, everyone! We have been approved by the community for Greenlight. We are starting the process of becoming a partner with Steamworks and a valued member of the Steamworks Developer Program. We still have a lot of paperwork and code to write, but we are really excited. We will release more news as we have it.


 14.SEP.2016 ALpha build complete
Alpha Build Complete
First, I would like to thank everyone for visiting the page and taking the time to check our game out. I wanted to provide not only an update on how development is going, but a little bit of background as to the games origin. 

This game is made by Game Design students! Yeah, I know what your thinking, its gotta be good then right? Well, we don't know. We are just trying to get an A+ on capstone, get a degree, and make more money, but that doesn't mean we haven't put our heart, soul, and in some cases, blood into this game. Yeah seriously one of the developers was in car wreck. We had to watch what he turned into source control for a while after that because he hit his head. 

Jokes aside, we are pleased to announce that our Alpha build is now complete. We have way more stuff that we want to put into this game, and we will get it all in there as soon as possible. Please see below for a list of additions 

Alpha Notes 

Tutorial Added 
Attacking Player feedback added 
Company selection screen revamped 
AI code refined 
Escape Menu added 
Company Perks added 
Minor and Major bugs fixed

Juniper Theory is a turn-based network strategy game.


The time is now.

You are a newly appointed defense network engineer in charge of keeping the company of your choosing from harmful outside DDoS attacks. 

​Rival companies want to take your servers offline and its your job to make sure they don't. 

Expand your network, build defenses, and attack different territory to dominate your opponents.